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Full synthetic motor oil is meant oil based on 100% synthetics as well as additives that give it useful properties (increased wear resistance, cleanliness, and corrosion protection). Such oil is suitable for operation in the most modern engines and in extreme operating conditions (low and high temperatures, high pressure, etc.). Full synthetic engine oil, in contrast to a conventional one, is designed on the basis of directed chemical synthesis. In the process of its production, crude oil which is the basic element is distilled, and then refined to the main molecules. Further, the base oil is obtained on their basis, into which additives are added so that the final product possesses exceptional features. The properties of full synthetic oils include:

  • High thermo-oxidative stability;
  • High viscosity index;
  • High performance at low temperatures;
  • Low volatility;
  • Low coefficient of friction.

Such oil meets all the sophisticated lubrication requirements of current world best automobile makers in the world.

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