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Dexos1 is advanced fully synthetic engine oil, designed to efficiently clean your engine providing superior wear protection, cleaning ability, and overall performance. Everest Dexos1 full synthetic oil meets and even exceeds industry stringent requirements and surpasses conventional oils. Dexos1 full synthetic motor oil technology is the standard in a variety of vehicles including a narrow circle of high-performance cars.

Main features of Dexos1 full synthetic engine oil:

  1. Special fully synthetic formula
  2. Excellent temperature and oxidative stability
  3. Enhanced lubricating properties of oil
  4. Excellent low-temperature capabilities
  5. Protects against sludge and carbon deposits
  6. Excellent wear protection
  7. Protects against rust and corrosion.
  8. High anti-foam properties

The oil is recommended for all types of modern cars including high-performance turbocharged gasoline engines, SUVs, light trucks and vans. Dexos 1 oil is licensed or certified by the car manufacturers and meets the highest API standards. Get Dexos1 wholesale from a trusted manufacturer to save your budget!