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The modern engine oil market is crowded with various manufacturers and brands that offer a wide range of various oil products. As you know, all motor oils have a certain basic basis. Such a base may be a conventional, synthetic-blend or fully synthetic. Next, a package of chemical additives is added to the base which each manufacturer has own and is a patented proprietary solution. Synthetic blend motor oils are, in essence, semi-synthetic oil, a mixture of two bases - a conventional and a synthetic one. The performance properties of synthetic blend motor oil have been improved by adding a certain percentage of synthetic oils to the base. The ratio of the oil composition can vary from 30% of the synthetic base to 70% conventional (sometimes 50/50). As a result, synthetic blend engine oil is definitely better than a conventional one but loses to full synthetics in a number of indicators and features being an intermediate link. If you ask which oil is thicker, synthetic or synthetic blend engine then it becomes clear that the last product will be denser due to the inclusion of a conventional base. In parallel with this advantage, a not too significant deterioration in properties can be considered while significantly reducing the final cost of the product. 

Everest brand has developed its own line of these oils and offer its customers synthetic blend wholesale. All oils are tested in labs, meet all API standards and requirements and prove their effectiveness on the road.